This page contains lists of Canadian Merchant Ships which were lost in conflict between 1939 and 1945. This information is reproduced from a paper written by Robert C. Fisher, for the Department of National Defence History Division, dated June 1993.

Ships with names ending in DOC, such as PORTADOC and SORELDOC, are former lakers owned by Paterson Steamships. They are named after towns and cities on the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway; The DOC part of the name signifies “Dominion Of Canada.”

Canadian-Registered Merchant Ships Lost by Enemy Action

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Note 1: The cause of loss of these merchant ships has not been established beyond doubt.

Canadian-Registered Merchant Ships Lost by Other Causes

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Canadian-Registered Merchant Ships Severely Damaged

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Note 2 – These vessels were later lost by other enemy action.

Canadian-Owned (British Registered) Merchant Ship Losses

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* All of the “Fort” ships were owned by the Canadian Government but registered in Britain. All of the others listed were owned by Canadian Pacific and registered in Britain.

Canadian-Owned (British Registered) Merchant Ships Severely Damaged

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Select List of Merchant Ship Losses of Canadian Interest

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