MTB 735

MTB 735

The 65th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla (Fairmile Type “D”) 115 ft. Hard-chine pre-fabricated double mahogony, the hull being sub-divided into nine watertight compartments. Driven by Four Packard 12 cylinder 1250 horsepower supercharged patrol engines two underslung rudders carried 5200 gallons of 100% octane gas, range at maximum continuous speed 506 NAUTICAL miles. Two Ford V-8 auxiliary engines to provide electric power.


Displacement Designed – 85 Tons
Actual Displacement – 105 Tons
Overall Length – 115 ft
Waterline Length – 110 ft
Beam – 21 ft 3 In
Forward Draught – 4 ft 6 In
Aft. Draught – 5 ft
Full Speed – 27 to 34.5 KNOTS


4 – 18 in. high level torpedo tubes
1 – 6 PDR. CWT. MARK VII gun
4 – .5 in vickers Machine guns on two twin MK V (power operated) mountings.
4 – .303 in. Vickers gas-operated machine guns in two twins on bridge wings.
2 – 20 MM Oelikons


3 officers, 27 men varied according to operational requirements.

Alongside at Great Yarmouth - Norfolk on VE Day

After more than a year of almost constant action with German E-boats, R-boats and armed trawlers up and down the English Channel since months before the invasion of France, the Canadian 65th Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla, commanded by Lieutenant Commander J. R. H. Kirkpatrick, D.S.C., RCNVR, of KITCHENER, Ontario, has been de-commissioned at a British port. The camera catches a powerful-looking scene of British and Canadian M.T.B.'s lined up at a coastal forces port in Britain.